Rising Persecution
Voice screengrab

TV, the web, and social media are increasingly picking up on stories of the persecuted church published in Release International’s Voice magazine. Our news items are being broadcast and republished around the world, focusing attention – and prayer – on the persecuted church.

Revelation TV features the work of Release International in its monthly flagship programme: The Persecuted Church.

The December edition picks up on a report on Sri Lanka in the current edition of Voice, and features our latest film on China, produced for the International Day of Prayer.

Other countries covered include Qatar, Colombia, and Iran.

Broadcast opportunity

TPC Dec 2022

The Persecuted Church is co-presented by Release International’s Andrew Boyd, and is broadcast six times a month on Revelation TV. The channel is streamed to the UK via Sky, and is available on Freeview HD, Roku, and Apple TV.

It can also be viewed on the web and YouTube.

‘This collaboration with Revelation TV vastly increases Release International’s audience for news and stories about the persecuted church. Films that were once watched by hundreds are now viewed by thousands, and many thousands more via the web,’ says Andrew Boyd.

And there are other spin-offs, too. Each edition of the programme features an extended Persecution Report based on stories gathered by Release International.

Persecution Report

Shorter versions of Persecution Report are then edited down and broadcast in Revelation TV’s morning programmes and offered for syndication worldwide by the Global News Alliance and Sure Reality platforms, among others.

Written versions of some of that material is offered to the Christian Today website, from where it is often picked up and republished by affiliates in many countries.

‘It’s always been an aim of Release International to raise awareness and genuine concern for our persecuted brothers and sisters,’ says Andrew Boyd. ‘And the best way of doing that is to let them tell their stories. To see is to care, and to care is to pray and to provide.

‘The tie-in with Revelation TV and others helps us to do just that, as we seek to faithfully broadcast the voice of the persecuted Church.’

Where to watch

You can watch the December edition of The Persecuted Church here. And the latest edition of Persecution Report below.

And if you’d prefer to read, rather than watch, latest stories by Release International of our Christian family under pressure are in Voice magazine, available to read or download here.