Nigeria: ‘What we’ve got left is God and hope’

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More than 30 Christians are believed to have been killed by militant Fulani herdsmen in one night in Nigeria’s northern Kaduna state.

The herdsmen are reported to have attacked the worship service of the Evangelical Church Winning All in Gavaciwa, Kachia County, on Sunday, September 26, killing one member of the congregation and wounding many others.
Fulani militants that night also killed 30 Christians and destroyed dozens of homes in two villages in Kaura County, according to a local resident.
‘Our hearts are filled with pains, fears, bitterness and disappointments,’ she said. ‘The trauma, the macabre series of murders, the daily kidnappings, attacks on farmers and destruction of crops, the burning of houses, churches and humans alive, the mass burials are very disturbing. What we’ve got left is God and hope.’

A few days earlier a mob in Kano state agitated over the killing of a woman by a man they believed had converted to Christianity hacked a pastor to death and burned down his home, church and school, sources said.
It is understood Rev Yohanna Shuaibu of New Life Church died in the early hours of September 23 after he was attacked the previous night.
Hosle Tongnan Michael, a friend and colleague of Pastor Shuaibu, said it was likely he had been targeted because it was through his ministry that many had converted to the Christian faith.

Pastor Shuaibu was key in building a school for indigenous Hausa Christian children, transforming young lives that were otherwise denied access to education because of their faith, Michael said. ‘Under his watch, we were able to raise funds and drill boreholes from which Christian communities that were denied access to government sources of water could access water.’

(Source: Morning Star News)


  • That God would comfort all those bereaved by these brutal killings.
  • For physical and emotional healing for the injured.
  • For housing and provision for all whose homes were destroyed.
  • For an end to the violence against Christians in northern Nigeria.
  • That God will provide for Pastor Shuaibu’s family.


  • That despite the seemingly endless attacks on their lives and property, Christians in northern Nigeria continue to trust and hope in God and still witness for Christ.
  • For Pastor Shuaibu’s ministry in serving the community and leading many to faith in Christ.
  • For Shuaibu’s legacy transforming young lives.