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The Truth About a Common Word



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21st century Christendom has received the historic equivalent of the same “Common Word” invitation and call that has echoed down through the ages from Muhammad’s time until today.

But it is instead being hailed by elements within Christianity as a benevolent “invitation” to dialogue and fellowship based on the common ground of “love of God and love of neighbour”.

In stark contrast to this wishful thinking, history tells a different story. All “Common Word” letters coming from Islamic authorities, such as one of the first sent during Muhammad’s lifetime to the Emperor in Byzantium in the 630 A.D., are based on Sura 3:64 which defines the only kind of common word or common terms possible in seeking peace with Islam, so that the wordings have been essentially the same: starting soft, but ending always with the “either/or” of the spectre of the sword.

That spectre appears to be missing in the current exchange of letters and follow-up dialogues between 138 Muslim clerics and 300 Christian leaders. But is it?

(Paperback: 106 pages)


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