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Appeal for Families of Christian Martyrs

Gyang is a 27-year-old Christian living in Nigeria. He is a student at the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Jos and the only surviving member of a family of seven.

Just a few weeks ago Gyang saw a post on Facebook about how his village had come under attack from Fulani militants. Almost immediately he called home to speak to his father, Rev Adamu Gyang, but his father’s phone was switched off.

Sensing something was wrong, he called his mother, but her phone was switched off too.

A few minutes later he called a friend who told him that both his parents, his three younger siblings and his grandmother were dead.

Gyang could hardly breathe. He picked up his bag and got on a bus to his village as quickly as he could.

Hours later, sitting on a half-burned bench in what used to be his family’s living room, he heard from his friends how Fulani militants had arrived at the village one evening and killed 12 people, including his family.

During that dreadful night the Fulani burned 95 homes and destroyed most of the village’s crops that were almost ready to harvest.

Unfortunately, this situation is all too common in parts of Nigeria where the persecution and killing of Christians is on the increase.

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Philip was attacked by Fulani militants, his mother was killed and their house was burnt down.


Fulani militants are set on destroying the church and punishing Christians in Nigeria’s central and northern states. They are killing pastors in their churches. They are attacking Christian families in their own homes – killing whoever stands in their way. Destroying crops and stealing cattle.

Yet amid such suffering and devastation there is good news.

And, the good news is that ministries like Release partner Stefanos Foundation are providing emergency shelter and food, as well as trauma-healing workshops for many internally displaced people.

During this past year, thanks to the generosity of Release supporters like you, Stefanos has helped hundreds of Christian families in their hour of need.

But, as persecution escalates, more Christians like Gyang who have lost everything desperately need our support.


Will you give £25 or what you can share today to help Christians like Gyang during the most painful time of their lives?


I have focused on Nigeria, but Christians are being injured, killed and traumatised in other places too.

In Eritrea the families of Christians who have died in prison need our help. In Pakistan, Somalia, Kenya, Egypt and India Christians are being murdered for their faith. Often, those who are left behind find it hard to keep going.

They desperately need food, shelter, medicines and spiritual encouragement.

By making a gift today you can enable Release’s partners working in these and other countries to help those who are suffering and have no one else to turn to.

Thank you for caring

Paul Robinson Release International CEO





Gyang’s Story

Gyang is a 27-year-old Christian living in Nigeria. He is a student at the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Jos and the only surviving member of a family of seven. Just a few weeks ago Gyang saw a post…


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A prayer for the families of Christian martyrs

Almighty God

I pray today for our brothers and sisters in Christ who are being oppressed, persecuted and abused for their faith just as Jesus was.

Comfort and give courage to Christians in countries such as Nigeria, Eritrea, Pakistan, Egypt and India where many are experiencing physical harm, intimidation and unjust imprisonment at the hands of their oppressors.

Our heavenly Father, thank you for welcoming into your arms all Christian martyrs who have given their lives because they refused to stop sharing the gospel and living out their faith.

Heal the hearts and minds of those who have lost loved ones because of persecution and restore them to full physical and spiritual health.

For those who persecute my brothers and sisters in Christ, I pray that their hearts will be touched by the wonderful faith of those they attack.

I pray also that they will open their hearts to your love.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord,


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