Volunteers Resource Page

Volunteers Compliance Training

Welcome to the volunteers resource page. Here you will find various resources that will further support you in your role.

Compliance Training

All of our volunteers are provided with Compliance Training to help them fulfil their roles. A film version of the PowerPoint slides from the training can be watched by clicking the image below:


Volunteers Online Fundraising Ideas May2021

Download a copy of our latest Fundraising Flyer leaflet here. All of the ideas can be done during and after lockdown. Please do share your own stories of fundraising with us.

For more information on the practicalities of fundraising (i.e. practical tips for preparing and running a fundraising event, and what to do afterwards) have a look at this Fundraising Section of our website.

Expense Claim Form

You can use this form to claim reimbursement for any expenses incurred because of your volunteering role. Please download a copy of this form, complete it and send it to the Volunteering Coordinator along with any receipts. All volunteer expenses must be agreed with a member of staff beforehand.

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