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‘God is revealing himself to refugees in amazing ways,’ says Release partner in Lebanon Pastor ‘Timothy’.

‘Many hundreds say Christ is revealing himself in dreams – even on the road from Syria. One woman who was desperately escaping with her children said, “All of a sudden, I saw Christ ahead of me on the cross and  I was so happy. I was full of joy and peace.” Now she walks for an hour every Sunday to get to church.’

‘Sara’, who is from a Sunni Muslim background, had to flee Syria with her five children when her husband was killed in the fighting.

‘I dreamt about a very long, dark road. And at the end of this road I saw an angel. He extended his hand to me and said, “Don’t be afraid, for I am with you.” I woke up shivering. I was crying so hard.

‘When I started telling people at the church about this vision, all of them told me, “This is from Christ. The Lord is with you.”‘

Sara’s relatives persecuted her for her faith in Jesus, and she had to escape again.

‘But even now,’ she says, ‘when I remember the story, I remember the Lord is with me. I believe this truly.’

(Names have been changed.)



‘Today Christians in the Middle East and around the world continue to flee for their lives. Let’s stand with them  in their hour of need.’

Paul Robinson, Release CEO

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