New report reveals mass detention of Muslims – but Christians such as Alimujiang Yimiti are suffering too.

Alimujiang before his arrest in 2008

Leaked documents from China have exposed the reality of massive detention camps for Uyghur Muslims. It’s claimed these are places of brainwashing and even torture, where a million or more Uyghurs have been rounded up and held.

This network of detention camps was exposed on BBC’s Panorama and in the Guardian newspaper. One former inmate said she faced constant video surveillance, brainwashing and electric shocks.

But it’s not only Uyghur Muslims who suffer persecution. Alimujiang Yimiti is a Uyghur Christian from a Muslim background. He was sentenced to 15 years’ imprisonment for allegedly leaking state secrets to a foreigner.

His charge and conviction were based on two private conversations between Alimujiang and an American friend. Despite the charge and stiff prison sentence, there is no evidence to suggest those conversations included any sensitive information.

Andrew Boyd of Release International asked China Aid’s Bob Fu how many Uyghur Christians there are and what kind of persecution they are facing…

You can download and read a transcript of this interview here.

Story updated 25.11.19