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Hazaq Coffee


Product Description

Hazaq love great coffee. Hazaq’s aim is to source the best coffee beans from diverse producers around the world and deliver them straight to your tastebuds.


Hazaq also love justice and were shocked to learn that Christians face hatred and persecution in more than half of the top 10 coffee producing countries in the world. The fact is that their cherished coffee map of the world looks very similar to the Release International persecution map of the world. That got Release International and Hazaq thinking – this association could lead to positive action. Hazaq’s passion for good coffee could also help to make a difference to those who suffer.


So Release International now sells Hazaq’s coffee and Hazaq tells the forgotten stories of martyrs, prisoners and exiles wherever they can.


You can help as well: Buy your coffee from Hazaq and 20% of Hazaq profits will go directly to support the work of Release International.


Four blends of Hazaq Coffee are available:

Ethiopia Cafetiere

Ethiopia Filter

Hazaq Blend Cafetiere

Hazaq Blend Filter


Select your preferred Hazaq blend and BUY it HERE.


Hazaq – Stand up, speak out, pray!


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