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Promise and Persecution


Product Description

Release’s Kenneth Harrod goes behind the headlines in his new book to help us understand the persecution of Christians in the context of God’s bigger plan of salvation.


This is an important and deeply challenging book, which we would all read with great profit. It is a Biblical Theology of Suffering from someone who not only knows their Bible deeply but understands the world in which we live where Christians worldwide are suffering for their faith as never before.

Bishop Wallace Benn, President of Fellowship of Word and Spirit


A thoughtful and wise book on the biblical theology of persecution

Revd Canon J. John, Director, Philo Trust


Read more about the author of Promise and Persecution, Kenneth Harrod, here.


1 review for Promise and Persecution

  1. Michael ORourke

    I have just read Promise and Persecution, it is a book you will find difficult to put down, once you start reading. There is so much content in it, one read will not do it justice, so a recommended second reading is planned. I found the book very helpful, encouraging, challenging and inspiring. When following the accounts of persecution, my first approach is to filter it through the bible, so this book of viewing the big picture through bible theology, following the biblical response to persecution, was exactly what i wanted to discover more deeply, tying the old testament to the new testament with a particular focus on the coming of Jesus and God’s overall plan, exposing an inevitability to expect persecution, but done in such a brilliant way. I had already read Jars of Clay which was an outstanding book, both these books contain teaching and references i have found very useful and timeless. the chance to read another Kenneth Harrod book was an absolute blessing. I thank God for putting encouraging people in my path throughout my Christian walk. Just to sum up I would absolutely recommend Promise and Persecution, to anyone wanting to go deeper in their understanding of persecution today.

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