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The Persecuted Church programme homes in on Ukraine over April on Revelation TV.

The Persecuted Church screengrab March 2022

Release International has gone truly global. We’re now on satellite TV and across a range of other platforms.

Release spokesman Andrew Boyd is co-producing and co-presenting The Persecuted Church programme for Revelation TV.

Ukraine special

The April edition is a Ukraine special, featuring news of God at work in that war-torn country, a backgrounder on faith and Vladimir Putin and a devotional considering the vexed question faced by many Ukrainians – how can they possibly forgive their Russian invaders?

And with input from Release International, the flagship programme has just stepped up to an hour-long show.

There is news from other countries, too, including China, and a powerful interview with a Christian defector from North Korea.

Persecution news from Release International is also now featuring in Revelation TV’s morning programmes.

The Persecuted Church airs six times a month on Revelation TV. You can watch it on Sky, Freeview HD, Roku and Apple TV. Or you can catch up with the persecution news on the TV channel’s website

Not to be missed!